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Species Available for Spring 2017

Our availability is divided into three lists: Perennials, Woody Containers, and Large Trees and Shrubs.

Herbaceous perennials, grasses, ferns and vines. These items are available in plugs and/or small containers.

Trees and shrubs are available in containers from 1 gal – 10 gal.

Trees and shrubs in 15 gallon containers or larger, or B&B.


If there is a species or specific genotype that you need for your projects, let us know soon, particularly if you need volume. Contact our propagator to request a species/genotype.

OPLE® Propagation

ArcheWild is committed to providing fully documented and accessioned Open-Pollinated, Local-Ecotype (OPLE®) native species – that means no cultivars, no asexual propagation, no bottlenecked genes.

Click here to see a copy of a level III EcoRegion map.

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