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Landscape Creation and Environmental Restoration

ArcheWild offers consulting, design, planning, installation, maintenance and monitoring services.  While working to deliver ecological and economic effectiveness, we help our clients develop holistic and environmentally conscious plans for their projects.

Whether your project is a commercial detention basin retrofit, a campus-wide habitat restoration, or a modest residential butterfly garden, we can participate during any phase.  We can be your primary partner, or simply assist with another professional firm.  For customers with an existing design concept, we will work seamlessly with your local garden center, architect, or landscaper to deliver a cost effective, successful project using native plants.

We will help steer your project toward ecological success, while providing a solid guarantee of our work and our plant material.


Sustainability Project Examples (Link) Land Stewardship (Link)
Stormwater Management Plant and Animal Conservation
Rain Gardens Beautification and Weed Control
Living Detention Basins Land Use Planning
Carbon Sequestration Plantings Revenue and Expense Planning
Green Roofs Timber, Seed, and Fruit Crop Evaluation
Riparian Buffers Contract Land Management
Native Pollinator Meadows Grant Writing Assistance and Business Planning
No-Mow Lawns  


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