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2019 ArcheWild – Woodland Hills – Cover picture with title 2560

ArcheWild is a mission-driven native landscape design and restoration firm specializing in leading transformational programs for large land owners, government agencies, and unique corporate customers.  ArcheWild Native Nurseries is our captive genotyped propagation and plant supply division.  Our professional services group offers Master Planning, Farm and Orchard Conversion, AgroBusiness Planning, and Nursery Construction.

landscape planting

ArcheWild Services for Landscape Restoration and Project Management

ArcheWild offers turn-key landscape restoration services from designing the project to growing the plants to managing construction.  Our specialties are forest restoration, meadow building, effective green storm water features, and naturalistic landscaping.  Customers include private landowners, municipalities, and conservancies.

Private forest, corporate landscape, large residence, public park, family farm, wetland mitigation, and municipal planting projects are our areas of greatest experience.  Our success stems from thoroughly understanding which plant species a site can support and from knowing how to build/modify soils, adjust soil moisture profiles, and the use the effects of light/heat to make a degraded site come back to life.

Our landscape construction crews are true professionals, each with Bachelors’ or Masters’ degrees, and can manage a project to meet both budget and schedule requirements.

Call 855-752-6862 or write to discuss your project requirements.

Contour swale profile

ArcheWild Services for Farms and Government Programs

ArcheWild is an experienced implementation partner for many types of NRCS grant programs including CSP, CREP, and EQIP.  Under these and similar programs, ArcheWild has planted 100,000s of trees and other species, constructed miles of contour swales for water harvesting, built native fruit/nut orchards, enclosed many acres in different types of fencing, built acres of pollinator habitat, and restored miles of riparian areas.

Our Farm Transformation Service offering includes Soil Building, Advanced Crop Rotation, Water Harvesting, Mob Grazing, Innovative Fencing, and AgroForestry.

ArcheWild leverages its role as a restoration firm and a commercial nursery to guide farmers and landowners on realistic AgroForestry programs that provide reliable long-term revenue opportunities including native seed production, viable edible crops and value-added foods, and nursery/forest products.

Call 855-752-6862 or write to discuss your farm or agroforestry requirements.

ArcheWild Native Nursery Seed Flat Production

ArcheWild Services for Native Project Supply and Contract Growing

A cornerstone ArcheWild service is acting as a single-source supplier of native plants for large or complex planting projects.  Our account specialists work with your firm from the very beginning of your bidding process so that we can help assure that the plants you need will be ready on time in the size and quantities required.  You no longer need to coordinate with or follow-up with dozens of different nurseries to get your plants to your project site.

ArcheWild’s growing capacity continues to expand every year and our partner program further extends our capability.

From bareroot to plugs to containers to B&B, if ArcheWild cannot supply your project with a plant, it just isn’t being grown.

Call 855-752-6862 or write to discuss your plant requirements or just send us a list to see what we can do.

ArcheWild EcoRegion Level IV New Jersey

ArcheWild Services for Genotyped Native Plant Species

ArcheWild Native Nurseries is probably best-known for its total commitment to quality plant genetics.  ArcheWild continues to set the industry standard for accurate plant identification, plant procurement specifications, EPA Ecoregion specificity, and product labeling.  Whether you’re a government agency that requires total control over the genetics you’re planting, a botanical garden conducting research, or a nature preserve committed to authenticity, you can trust ArcheWild genetics for your project.

ArcheWild maintains the largest private database of plant-location combinations and plant community composition covering Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Connecticut with a rapidly growing dataset for North Carolina.  ArcheWild uses this data to craft region-specific and even project-specific genetic growing programs for large restoration efforts.

Call 855-752-6862 or write to discuss your needs with one of our propagators.

Custom seed growing available for large projects.


ArcheWild Services for Nursery Planning and Construction

ArcheWild designs and builds nursery infrastructure for its clients to help satisfy specific or specialty plant production needs.  From simple in-ground beds to plug production facilities to sophisticated passive/active solar-heated houses, ArcheWild has the engineering and construction experience to get your own nursery operation up and running quickly.

If you’re still undecided about what type of nursery operation is right for you, or if you have industry or competitive questions, ArcheWild can help you to better understand the business and financial implications of getting into the nursery business and to help you decide the right path with a solid business plan.

Call 855-752-6862 or write to discuss your nursery requirements with one of our project managers.

2017 ArcheWild – diabase study – 20160705_125715-001

ArcheWild Services for the Classroom, Field Training, Seminars, and Tours

ArcheWild offers a variety of curriculum and venues for landscape architects, students, and conference attendees to quickly learn the fundamentals effects of soil, water, and light on which plants grow where and how stable plant communities form.  From shale and serpentine barrens, to high-elevation balds and swamps, to the coastal plan and secondary dunes, ArcheWild has the content and insights that professionals and citizen scientists are seeking.

Field trips often accompany, or follow, a training experience that helps reinforce key concepts.  Why does this plant grow at the bottom of the slope and not the top?  What is it about these hummocks that make a perfect habitat for that plant?  Why do these plants only occur in this particular habitat type?  What is the preferred habitat for this species?  Which plants grow together in this type of habitat?  These are the types of questions that get answered during field trips.

ArcheWild will occasionally organize a private trip for small groups that want to spend more than an afternoon in park.  3 to 7 days excursions with either motel or camping accommodations.  Call 855-752-6862 or write to discuss your needs with our Education Director.

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Our Growing Methods

Our Growing Methods

Years of natural habitat observation inform our propagation methods.

Our Plants

Our Plants

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Landscape Restoration, Design & Build

Landscape Restoration, Design & Build

Creating sustainable, functioning, attractive landscapes.

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