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About ArcheWild

ArcheWild started in 2010 as a nursery providing native plants to landscapers and restoration projects. ArcheWild Native Nursery was one of the first native nurseries of its kind, offering large-scale ordering to restoration clients with ecoregion-specific and seed-grown plants. After a decade of saying yes to its customers, ArcheWild Native Nursery grew into ArcheWild: the full-service ecological restoration firm it is today. Now, ArcheWild still maintains its extensive native plant nursery, and has added their Projects Team to bring great plants and trained professionals together under one roof. ArcheWild also provides customers with a full host of professional services, from master planning to project management. Today, ArcheWild is serving federal and state agencies, conservancies, farms up to 500 acres, and large landowners all thoughout the Mid Atlantic. ArcheWild also consults on restoration design, conservation agriculture, agroforestry, nursery operations planning and construction, with new services being added all the time. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any restoration needs. From seed to site, ArcheWild has you covered.