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We love to play in the dirt.

ARCH(E)WILD is an ecological restoration and sustainable landscape services firm, as well as one of the most diverse native plant nurseries in the northeast United States.  Our environmental stewardship mission and our business model are grounded in scientific research and experimentation in plant communities, genetics, and field techniques.  We serve government and commercial clients, as well as individual property owners.  Citizen science, green education, and community building are integral to our work.

We propagate native plants, including highly desirable or rare indigenous plants, from seed sources within the Northern Piedmont and surrounding ecoregions.  We welcome visitors to our farm and gardens in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where they can observe the natural life cycle of hundreds of native flowers, grasses, ground covers, shrubs, and trees, in a variety of site conditions.

We create and restore landscapes, consult and develop training programs for corporate clients, educational institutions, professional associations and community organizations.  We also offer educational events such as seed collection expeditions and garden tours for youth groups and for the general public.

ArcheWild landscaping crew
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