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About ArcheWild

ArcheWild started in 2010 as a nursery providing native plants to landscapers and restoration projects. ArcheWild Native Nursery was one of the first native nurseries of its kind, offering large-scale ordering to restoration clients with ecoregion-specific and seed-grown plants. After a decade of saying yes to its customers, ArcheWild Native Nursery grew into ArcheWild: the full-service ecological restoration firm it is today. Now, ArcheWild still maintains its extensive native plant nursery, and has added their Projects Team to bring great plants and trained professionals together under one roof. ArcheWild also provides customers with a full host of professional services, from master planning to project management. Today, ArcheWild is serving federal and state agencies, conservancies, farms up to 500 acres, and large landowners all thoughout the Mid Atlantic. ArcheWild also consults on restoration design, conservation agriculture, agroforestry, nursery operations planning and construction, with new services being added all the time. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any restoration needs. From seed to site, ArcheWild has you covered.

2019 Meet Our Professional Staff

Mark Brownlee

Principal and CEO

Mark leads our ecological restoration research program by inventing new methods, discovering new plants/genotypes and new uses for obscure species. Mark built the foundation of the Ecoregion-centric nursery model and leads our largest programs as well as our consulting and business/nursery planning services. Mark holds a BS/MS from Carnegie Mellon.

Iveta Gigova

Principal and CFO

Iveta is one of our founding Principals and holds a majority stake in the firm. Iveta focuses primarily on servicing our strategic nursery accounts while managing both the finance and accounting functions. With multiple Bachelor's degrees and a Master's from Princeton, Iveta provides the intellectual and analytical foundation that helps us to continue growing.

Alex Morrison

Marketing Manager

Alex leads all media and marketing for ArcheWild and is excited to network. She has a passion for the outdoors and conservation, and has an extensive social media and digital marketing background. She also has robust nonprofit experience and killer people skills. She's excited to grow the ArcheWild community.

Rae Serfilippi

Rae Serfilippi

Projects Program Manager

Rae is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for traveling; whether to remote West Indie islands or the Himalayas. She has worked with a wide variety of wildlife including black bears, American kestrels, and sharks, but her love of flora and all things green has guided her in many of her experiences and studies. Rae graduated with a B.S in Ecological Restoration from Paul Smith’s College.

Bella Walker

Nursery Manager

As an avid traveler, Bella found her passion for plants and restoration organically. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish and started her work with ArcheWild in the same year. She is now enjoying her work building species inventory and production in the nursery. Her goal is to spread healthy, native plant genetics to as many landscapes as possible, in hopes of building a resilient future.

Josh Bruce

Project Manager

Josh is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, and has spent years studying ecology and invasive management. He has worked with everything from Porceline Berry to Lantern Fly management in an effort to make way for healthier ecosystems.
Josh has has a B.S. in Biology from Vassar College. He has a soft spot for riparian areas and streams, which is where you might find him collecting data (or trash) on his days off!

Jesse Hart

Project Manager

Jesse received his degree in Environmental Studies from Ursinus College and has extensive experience working on public and private land to enhance landscapes through riparian forest buffers, rain gardens, meadows, and other plantings. He’s passionate about the outdoors and loves gardening, hiking, and playing soccer.

Dan Lynch

Ecological Restoration Specialist

Having worked in political organizing and ecosystem management, Dan is fascinated by the intersection of nature and culture, and more specifically in the manufactured divide between humans and the rest of the biological world. He is passionate about taking up an active role in rehabilitating local habitats in order to restore and preserve their immense ecological and cultural value. Dan has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College.

David Ahakinian

Nursery Specialist

David’s passion for ecological restoration is motivated in equal parts by a deep care for the environment and an intense obsession with plants—especially natives. He recently graduated from Penn State University with a B.S in Plant Sciences. His goal is to help create healthier, more diverse landscapes that better support local ecology through his work in the nursery.

Emma Myers

Nursery Specialist

Emma graduated from Delaware Valley University with a degree in Environmental Biology. Her love of plants started with growing various types of succulents. She became passionate about native plants during her time at school where she learned all about the benefits of using natives. She wants to help promote the use of natives not just in restoration, but for landscaping as well.

Doug Herrington

Ecological Restoration Technician

Doug is a lifelong outdoorsman with extensive field experience. While he’s capable of using small machines and equipment in a construction capacity, his preference is trail building and landscape maintenance. He spends much of his time outdoors maintaining trails on his own property, or exploring the woods for new and interesting plants. 

Doug Silfies

Research Associate

With a passion for soils and hydrology, and a proclivity for science and research, Doug is supporting us to advance our collective knowledge. Doug is partnering with all members of the ArcheWild team to build new data and processes that we hope to share with the rest of the industry!