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About ArcheWild

ArcheWild is a professional landscape restoration company servicing federal/state agencies, conservancies, farms up to 500 acres, and large landowners. ArcheWild also consults on restoration design, conservation agriculture, agroforestry, master planning, nursery operations planning and construction. Click the button to meet our staff.

About Us

Meet ArcheWild Staff

Mark Brownlee

Mark Brownlee, Head Ecologist

Mark Brownlee leads our ecological restoration research program by inventing new methods, discovering new plants/genotypes and discovering new uses for obscure species.  Mark built the philosophical foundation of the Ecoregion-centric nursery model and teaches others the method.  Mark also leads our largest programs with state and federal agencies and leads our consulting and business/nursery planning services.  Mark holds a BS/MS from Carnegie Mellon.

Fun facts: Mark planted his first garden at six years old and has been growing and propagating plants ever since.  If you cannot find him fiddling with plants or teaching others this craft, he’s probably in West Virginia or Virginia trying to save some obscure species that no one has ever heard of from oblivion.

Kristen Bartels

Kristen Bartels, Permaculture specialist

Kristen Bartels joins ArcheWild with a strong farming and plant-breeding pedigree having spent several seasons with Johnny’s Seeds.  Kristen studied Environmental Writing and Media at Unity College.

Kristen is committed to figuring out how to move permaculture from a fantastical idea into a solid program that actually yields strong nutritional and economic results.  Currently Kristen is participating on a wide range of programs to help expedite her learning the ArcheWild way.

Fun facts: Ask Kristen about her summers hand-pollinating 100,000s of squash flowers!  An intuitive photographer and a budding blogger!

Lauren Foltz

Lauren Foltz, Researcher

Lauren graduated with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies from Temple University.  She has worked both in the private and public sectors, but always outside.  An avid hiker, Lauren is passionate about conserving nature and improving how we interact with it.  With a background in data collection and analysis, Lauren is playing a key role in documenting plant communities and understanding the site conditions that form them.

Fun facts: Lauren explores many creative outlets including drawing, painting, and photography.  She hopes to visit as many National parks as possible and is slowly crossing them off her list.

Collin Furchner

Collin Furchner, Propagator

Collin grew up in New Tripoli, PA and graduated from Penn State with a degree in Biology and a minor in German.  he is an avid outdoorsman and fisherman.  Collin has spent much of his early career in data-intensive and R&D roles and excels at discovering and documenting the nuances of germinating the challenging native plant species for technical restoration programs.  Collin heads our propagation function.

Fun fact: Collin provides food and housing for a Gargoyle gecko named Blue and built her custom vivarium filled with live plants and bugs.

Jay Kaminski

Jay Kaminksi, CERP Ecologist

Jay Kaminski joins ArcheWild with a background in ecological restoration, native plant propagation, and permaculture design. He obtained a BS in Environmental Science with a concentration in Earth Systems and a BS in Sociology from Oregon State University.

Jay has a strong passion for the multitude of native plant communities across the country and has over six years of experience practicing ecological restoration in many different ecosystems in both the Eastern and Western U.S.

Fun Facts: Jay is certified by the Society of Ecological Restoration as a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner, one of only two people in Pennsylvania. In addition to having a green thumb, Jay is also quite the finger picker on guitar.

Iveta Gigova

Iveta Gigova, Principal and CFO

Iveta Gigova is one of our founding Principals and holds a majority stake in the firm.  Iveta focuses primarily on servicing our strategic nursery accounts while managing both the finance and accounting functions.  With multiple Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s from Princeton, Iveta provides the intellectual and analytical foundation that helps us to continue growing.

Fun Facts: Iveta speaks at least seven languages, has consulted for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and hosted George Soros on a week-long hunting trip in Europe.

Ruth Dunlevy

Ruth Dunlevy, Nursery Manager

Ruth Dunlevy is the most experienced ArcheWild staff member having spent more than 20 years managing both customers and their plants.  With a Bachelor’s in Landscape Contracting from Penn State, Ruth is a stickler for performance and drives her team hard.

Ruth manages all aspects of our production nurseries and handles her crew like a professional.

Fun facts: Ruth started her career at the ripe old age of 15 in a local garden center before rapidly rising to run a retail garden center operation and then leading her own landscape crews.  Enjoys a lakeside cabin in the Poconos.

Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz, Project Manager

Josh is ArcheWild’s go-anywhere, do-anything guy that enjoys getting a good job done well better than almost anything else.  While Josh’s true love is building metal art sculptures, he expertly leads teams to tackle the most demanding aspects of our projects.  Strong as an ox and funny as a loon, Josh is the glue that helps keep everyone together.  Josh studied at the University of Colorado.

Fun facts: An accomplished wrestler and an experienced crew (rowing) competitor.

Zach Haake

Zach Haake, Restoration Specialist

Zach has traveled across the county working on different restoration projects from wetland delineations in Yellowstone to beach front restoration in Massachusetts. Zach has a very deep knowledge of invasive plant removal and control techniques, which is a critical aspect of habitat restoration. Zach studied ecology at the University of Akron and enjoys plant identification while hiking in the mountains. At the age of 16, Zach started working on a Christmas tree farm and loved to work outdoors ever since.

Lauren Martino

Lauren Martino, Client Manager

Lauren is a graduate from Salisbury University with a B.S. in Geography and Earth Science.  She discovered her love for geoscience on a field study of the Colorado Plateau.  Lauren is an energetic worker, always ready to take on a challenge and to learn along the way.  Lauren joined ArcheWild in the Client Manager track helping customers take full advantage of our services.

Fun fact: Lauren became a PADI certified Adventure Scuba Diver while traveling in Australia.  She was able to scuba dive parts of the Great Barrier Reef and even participated in a night dive.

P.S.: We look froward to seeing Lauren don her scuba gear to perform underwater planting tasks for EPA Superfund sites on the Buffalo and Hudson rivers!


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