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ArcheWild American Chestnut

Sold Out: ArcheWild American Chestnut

2022 season trees are sold out. New trees will be available in late 2023. We will announce their arrival.

Native. All chestnuts are native Castanea dentata

Ethical. All chestnut seeds are sourced locally with care

Seed-Grown. Each seedling is grown in-house from seed

Blight-Resistant, 3rd Generation, 'Lee' Strain Chestnuts

ArcheWild is now releasing blight-resistant American chestnut trees to land managers, nurseries, parks, and committed homeowners.  Our chestnuts are the progeny of still-existing stands of American chestnuts that have successfully resisted the chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica).

For curation purposes, our chestnuts should be recorded as blight-resistant Castanea dentata, 3rd generation, ‘Lee’ strain.  These terms are explained…

Is Your Site Right?

So you want to plant American chestnut on your property, but is your site appropriate? There are many factors to consider, like soils, your local microclimate, and other forest associates. Learn more about proper site conditions for chestnuts.

Proper Habitat for Chestnuts

Core Castanea dentata habitat is hard to find, but understanding their locales and growing conditions can help shed light on exactly what this species needs. Learn more about Castanea dentata (American chestnut) habitat.