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Nursery Services

Contract Growing

Large restoration projects often require large numbers of native species, or unique species.  Sometimes, a single project requires more plants that what is in stock across all suppliers.  Other times, a project requires plants that no one stocks.  In both cases, our contract growing can help – both to manage risks and to lower your costs.  Get in touch with us to discuss your custom or contract growing needs and minimum order quantities.

Supply and Logistics

Outsource your headaches and use ArcheWild as your single native plant and logistics vendor. Our quality control and labeling system ensures that all plant material is clearly identified and in great health, and that it meets the spec.  Leverage our great relationships with all the major native plant nurseries and with dozens of smaller off-the-grid growers.  ArcheWild can consolidate all your buying into a single delivery schedule and a single invoice.

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