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Nursery Services for Growers and Commercial Clients

In addition to offering high-quality plant material, we provide several value-added nursery services for all your native plant needs.

Contract Growing

Large government and commercial projects often require very large volumes of native species.  Such volumes may exceed combined availability across all suppliers, or may drive prices higher as they deplete inventories.  In those cases, long-term planning and contract growing can help – both to manage risks and to improve pricing.  We grow on contract from seed, plugs, liners, and containers.  We also have practically unlimited capacity in our network.  Get in touch with us to discuss your custom or contract growing needs.

ArcheWild Native Nursery Seed Flat Production

Single-Sourcing / Sole-Sourcing

It is often easier and more effective to deal with a single vendor for all of your native plant needs.  We have great relationships with all the major native plant nurseries and with dozens of smaller growers, so we can take care of consolidating all your buying into a single purchase order, single contract, single delivery schedule, and a single invoice.  Our quality control and labeling system ensures that all plant material is clearly identified and in great health, and that it meets the spec.

Outsourced Nursery Operations

Do you want to offer low-volume species to your customers but don’t have the space or expertise to grow them?  Have extra capacity in your nursery or greenhouse and want to push some product through it?  We have built an extensive network of native plant growers that we supply or operate as exclusive contracted growers for us.  If you need a plant grown, or want to grow plants, get in touch with us.

Project Budgeting

We offer a full-service project budgeting service for your large project needs.  We can provide a complete project budget including plant material, supplies, delivery, and special services.  Our special services include employee training on proper planting techniques, plant placement and maintenance guides.

Nursery Fleet Services

Our fleet of trucks is constantly on the road, making deliveries and transporting plants to client sites and across our network of growing locations.  Get in touch to discuss your plant delivery needs – you may find a great solution with us.

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