Hot Dry Sun Garden

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The Hot Dry Sun garden takes advantage of the site conditions typical of new home construction.  Nature provides a beautiful range of local native plants that thrive in the hot, dry sun.  Fantastic candidates include White Wild Indigo, Trumpet Creeper, Beardtongue, False Sunflower, Spiderwort, Obedient Plant, Sumac, Eastern Red Cedar, and Bur Oak.

Interestingly, these tall plants conserve moisture by providing cool shade that results in a lush looking garden.  Hot, dry sun garden native plants use deep sturdy root systems to break through hard soils to reach underground moisture sources.  This generally makes for a long-lived garden that requires little supplemental moisture or maintenance.

The Hot Dry Sun Garden is on of the easiest to create.  Any existing ground cover, usually grass, is weakened or removed and new plants installed anytime the ground is workable


Recommended Plants

Herbaceous Shrubs Trees
Allium cernum Comptonia peregrina Carya ovate
Amorpha canescens Myrica pennsylvanica Castanea dentata
Andropogon virginicus Rhus aromatica Cercis canadensis
Asclepias tuberosa Rhus glabra Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Aster laevis Rhus typhina Juniperus virginiana
Baptisia alba Viburnum dentatum Prunus pennsylvanica
Campsis radicans Quercus macrocarpa
Ceanothus americanus
Chasmanthium latifolium
Coreopsis verticillata
Echinacea purpurea
Eupatorium hyssopifolium
Heliopsis helianthoides
Heterotheca villosa
Liatris spicata
Monadrda fistulosa
Oenothera fruticosa
Oligoneuron rigidum
Penstemon digitalis
Physostegia virginiana
Pycnanthemum muticum
Ratibita pinnata
Rudbeckia hirta
Silphium perfoliatum
Sporobolus heterolepsis
Symphy. oolentangiensis
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum
Tradescantia ohiensis