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Fully Accessioned and Seed-Grown

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ArcheWild Native Nurseries is one of the largest "exclusively native" plant growers in the Northeast. We are also the only nursery to stock EPA Ecoregion Level IV specific genetic strains of popular and hard-to-find native plants. 

We carry multiple genetic strains of common restoration plants (for example, we have more than a dozen strains of Schizachyrium scoparium, little bluestem). Our current Ecoregion coverage extends to Boston, Cleveland, Asheville, and Richmond.

We carry over 600 species of native plants. Sizes range from plugs and liners through all ranges of containers and up to 3" caliper B&B. Please contact us to know our exact availability.

We have a particular focus on highly desireable or rare indigenous plants from seed sources within the Northern Piedmont and surrounding ecoregions. We also inventory a selection of seeds not carried by any other nursery, including custom seed mixes whose performance goes beyond the standard commercial mix.

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