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Whether your project needs plants in three weeks or three years, the best thing to do is send your plant list directly to our sales department.  Our sales team is famous for getting our customers all the plants they need and flawlessly handling the logistics of delivery or shipping.

ArcheWild operates its own trucking fleet and can accommodate any size order across multiple dates and locations.  

If you are a native plant enthusiast or a procurement specialist looking for a plant that no one else seems to grow, a good place to check is our Webstore Outlet, hosted by Google Shopping. The store offers plants that our nursery is releasing to the public to make room for new crops.

The store is a great way to stock up on rare native plants, and others, at fantastic prices.

About ArcheWild Native Nurseries

ArcheWild is both a propagator and a native plant supplier.  

We propagate most species from fully-accessioned and genotyped seed that we wild-collect or grow in our seed orchards and arboretum.  Our smallest sizes are 288 and 200 plugs per tray, which we mostly sell to other nurseries to improve cycles times and reduce costs.  Our 98s and 72s are used extensively by ecological and landscape restoration firms to speed planting and to reduce expenses.  Our 50s and 32s are used by landscape designers and their landscapers.

ArcheWild grows and supplies a wide range of container trees and shrubs for large restoration programs and large landscape projects.  We specialize in growing both common and very difficult-to-find native species.

ArcheWild does not grow cultivars or “nativars.”

ArcheWild Native Plant Starts

Payment Options, Shipping Costs, and Return Policy

Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Check, Paypal.  Terms offered to commercial customers.  You may pay using any major credit card on Google Shopping.

Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are normally quoted by our sales team.  Shipping costs for items purchased through Google Shopping are calculated automatically.  There are no hidden costs associated with purchasing through Google Shopping.

Return Policy: ArcheWild accepts returns for any plants damaged during transportation on our own trucks.  No questions asked.  Damages incurred during shipping via common carrier can be claimed through the carrier.  ArcheWild reserves the right to refund or replace any items damaged during shipping via common carrier.

Send Us Your Requirements

E-mailing our sales team is the best and fastest way to learn what we have in stock and to get pricing.

Email us here.

ArcheWild grows 100,000s of plants each year including many species not grown by any other nursery.

Find Us on Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Our only online method for buying plants is through Google Shopping.

Click on the link and search for “ArcheWild” to view what we are offering online.

Contract Growing

ArcheWild has access to species and genotypes that few nurseries can match.  With over 600 active seed collection locations, we have access to high-quality, open-pollinated, real seed from which we can grow almost any crop, given enough lead time.

E-mail our nursery to learn how we can support your project.