Species Spotlight – Anemone virginiana var. alba

Anemone virginiana var. alba

Brilliant, bright-white blooms and a slightly taller stature make this natural variety a worthy addition to the landscape

Anemone virginiana var. alba is a different species from the more common Anemone virginiana var. virginiana.  Anemone virginiana var. alba is named after the brilliant, bright white color of its blooms, which compares favorably to the creamy light green of the virginiana variety.

Habitat requirements seem to be largely the same between the two although the USDA range map suggests it is found in more northerly or cooler environments.  Occasionally, the Anemone virginiana var. alba appears to grow slightly taller than the common species, but this could just be a feature of the topography in which we find it.  We know that the USDA range map for Anemone virginiana var. alba is incomplete as we have found the species growing in West Virginia and Maryland; it likely also grows in Pennsylvania and we will be looking for local seed sources.

Note the comparison between the bloom color of the two species in the slideshow above or in the picture below.  The difference is quite noticeable.

Landscape architects can begin specifying Anemone virginiana var. alba on their drawings, specifications, and plant lsits starting in 2020, which is when ArcheWild will add this species to it permanent production plan.  New York and West Virginiana genotypes will be available.

USDA range map.

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