Restoration Support for Architects and Engineers

Sometimes, a landscape architect or engineer some restoration support when taking on complicated environmental projects.

ArcheWild is here to help.

Our ecologists and project managers enjoy sharing what we know and putting their experience to use on behalf of our clients.

Restoration support services can include the contracting of an entire project, sub-contracting a design feature, or simply getting a second opinion.

Common areas of restoration support include rain garden or detention basin design, soil design, planting specifications, planting plans, and construction sequence review.

Case Study – Restoration Support for a Five-Acre Industrial Rain Garden

A prominent environmental engineering firm accepted a contract to test and remediate an abandoned railroad oiling station along the Schuykill River in Conshohocken, PA, which they performed well.

Their client, as waste management firm, then asked the engineering firm to transform the five-acre site into a functioning rain garden, since the project site received storm water from about 50 surrounding acres and would frequently flood.

This engineering firm retained ArcheWild’s restoration support services to design, construct, and plant the project.

The 12-week transformation was incredible. The first task was the break-up of about one acre of reinforced concrete. Second, we constructed a buttressed observation platform that doubled to store clean debris. Third, we constructed a series of a main pond with two additional flow-back ponds for increased surge capacity. Fourth, we imported quality soils and planted about 5000 trees, shrubs, and wetland plants to create a beautiful and functional rain garden complex.

See the site in its current condition with Google Maps.