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Landscape Restoration Consulting Services

Quality landscape restorations are the result of the contributions of consultants with extensive field experience. Consulting services take many forms including performing complete site evaluations, surveying species, and recommending a plan of action.  In many cases, a short consulting engagement and a small fee can save many thousands of dollars in mistakes and rework.  Add a little extra peace of mind to your next project.

Site Evaluations

Our designers/architects and construction team can typically provide an insightful site evaluation in just a day or two.  For large projects with substantial budgets, it is often recommended to evaluate a site over at least a 12 month period to observe how it behaves under the full range of seasons and conditions, including drought and hurricanes.  Our site evaluation reports are based on the requirements of the SITES framework.

Species Surveys

Our biologists and plant experts are available to survey existing native plants on your site and to evaluate the extent of invasive plant encroachment.  We can supply a site evaluation report that identifies species that should be protected or rescued, opportunities for planting, and recommended steps for dealing with undesirable plants.  Our site evaluation reports are based on the guidelines and requirements of the SITES framework.

Pycnanthemum incanum
2014 CLIENT-Residential-Front-Yard-Ecological-Restoration-front-design

Project Planning

Some customers have excellent in-house ecological expertise but need help with planning the steps to implement a project.  Our construction team has experience with all types of ecological restoration projects and have learned “the hard way” how best to estimate, plan, schedule, and do the work.  Our construction managers are available for assistance in planning your project.  Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

Project Budgeting

We offer a full-service project budgeting service for your large project needs.  We can provide a complete project budget including plant material, supplies, delivery, and special services.  Our special services include employee training on proper planting techniques, plant placement and maintenance guides.