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Native Plant Species Availability for 2022

Ready to Go

Native plant species available in our inventory are ready to be shipped immediately. Available quantities change frequently; please contact us for our most current stock. Are you a commercial customer with a specific request? Call us!

Ready to Grow

Sustainably wild-crafted native seeds in our collection can be grown for custom orders. If you need a native species or specific genotype that is not included in our list, let us know. We are constantly expanding our selection.

Looking for something smaller?

OPLE© Propagation

ArcheWild is committed to providing fully documented and accessioned Open-Pollinated, Local-Ecotype (OPLE®) native plant species - that means no cultivars, no asexual propagation, no bottlenecked genes.


Our plants are genotyped and ecoregion specific. Accurate data is maintained in our GPS log and conforms to our Level IV EcoRegion map.

Native Plant Species Availability