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Wholesale Native Plants ($500 minimum order)

Current Species Availability

ArcheWild offers common and hard-to-find native plants in various container sizes for wholesale buyers. Available quantities change frequently. Please contact us for our most current stock.

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native plant 200 plugs

Get growing with our PL200 size starter plugs!

ArcheWild 200s are our fully native, seed-grown, ecoregion-specific starter plugs. We have almost 100 species available in our PL200 size, which will be ready to ship as early as April!

200s are great for nurseries looking to expand their inventory, restoration companies looking for economical quantity, or even retail customers looking for a great deal. Pot up easily to 72s, 50s, and 32s. Direct plant once the ground thaws. Enjoy a huge selection of straight seed-grown species.

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OPLE© Propagation

ArcheWild is committed to providing fully documented and accessioned Open-Pollinated, Local-Ecotype (OPLE®) native plant species. That means no cultivars, no asexual propagation, no bottlenecked genes.

EcoRegion-Specific Plants

Our plants are genotyped and ecoregion specific. Accurate data is maintained in our GPS log and conforms to our Level IV EcoRegion map.