Our Sustainability Research

Explore our targeted program of research into natural soil/plant communities and the applications of new findings to address academic needs for quality data and commercial needs for project performance.

Our program is rooted in our ongoing field research into plant community identification, study, and documentation.  Our goal is to understand and explain why a certain plant, or group of plants, grow together in a specific soil/topography combination.  The research findings have had a significant impact on our work, especially in the areas of storm water management  and rain garden installations, as well as green roof projects.

Our field research frequently brings us into contact with previously unknown locations of uncommon, rare, and threatened native plant species.  We thoroughly document these sites and make the information available to state and national botanists and ecology experts.  Our Citizen Science mobile application makes it easy for credentialed persons to participate in our research.

Propagation research is ongoing as we explore and document the germination requirements of rare species, as well as the differences between ecotypes of common and uncommon species.