Ecological Support for Architects and Engineers

ArcheWild works behind the scenes as a hidden partner to landscape architects and engineers. ArcheWild provides consistent and practical ecological insights to complicated or long-term programs.

Firstly, our project experience and environmental insights can help ‘ground’ a proposal or design.

Secondly, we provide construction estimates, evaluate ideas against on-the-ground realities, and tweak species lists.

ArcheWild’s assists with designs, proposals, budgets, and estimates is just a phone call away.

Case Study – Briar Bush Nature Center

ArcheWild has been supporting a variety of landscape architecture firms to propose and service this wonderful urban bird habitat for nearly ten years.

We’ve recommended and supplied plants time and time again, we’ve performed site assessments for design proposals, and we’ve developed a variety of different construction estimates to help architects ‘test’ their designs for implementability.

And by providing this support, ArcheWild helps to keep projects at Briar Bush continue to make sense and succeed.

Throughout the years, Briar Bush Nature Center staff has changed. And their landscape architects have changed. But ArcheWild’s reliable counsel and amazing native plants remains unchanged.

Briar Bush Nature Center is located in Abington, PA
Ecological Assessment of the Briar Bush Nature Center woods with recommended bird blind locations