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Trays of 200 Plugs

ArcheWild Native Plant Starts

Trays of 200 for your Nursery or Restoration Project

native starter plugs

Need to expand your product line? Need faster turn-around times? Having trouble with a particular native species? ArcheWild's native starter plugs are the answer!

ArcheWild 200s builds on our expansive seed genetics program to provide fully accessioned native starter plugs for high-volume growers and landscapers.

Featuring popular, yet hard-to-find native plants, like Monarda and Schizachyrium.

Most plugs contain multiple seedlings, which can be separated if desired.

Trays of 200s will be available Spring, 2022.

Contact us to inquire about available quantities.


Want to know more about our labeling practices?

We track every detail so we know exactly what plant you’re getting and where it came from. Every plant is seed grown from sustainable sources, and cared for every step  of the way, you so know you’re getting a quality product. 

Video Closed Captioning: 

What are we looking at today?

Hi, yep, my name is Noah, I work in the nursery at ArcheWild. In front of you we have three beautiful trays of our natives. These, though, are 200 size plugs. We do most of our starts in this container.

Who’s buying 200 plugs of native starter plants?

Yeah, well, we’re open to selling them to anybody, but generally, you know, this could be good for a retail or wholesale nursery that’s looking to expand their availability list. The seed that we collect and condition often is not found on traditional plant lists. Additionally, you’re cutting your production time significantly by not having to go through the conditioning or growing out of your starter plugs.

Why would nurseries want ArcheWild 200s?

So, at ArcheWild we focus on producing plants that other nurseries haven’t picked up yet due to the complicated conditioning process or seedling development stages that come with them. So they could come to us and look for some of these plants that people have been asking for but they haven’t picked up in their availability list yet. We’d be happy to try to provide them and grow them out into production.

Is there anything else besides 200s?

Yeah, so we will use a lot of different kinds of containers at ArcheWild. We match them preferably to the requirements of the plant and what the root structure is like. So a shallow-er pot we’ll stay away from for trees or woodier stuff that have deep taproots and use some containers more like this. We also have requests by certain customers that need to meet certain requirements for their container, so we’ll work with them and grow out product to whatever’s required.

Thanks Noah!