Campus Sustainability

University and corporate campuses, commercial real estate and hospitality companies need fresh ideas to augment their sustainability initiatives.  We can help plan and implement innovative landscaping projects that add substance to sustainability efforts.  We work with your existing landscape contractor and architect to build pilot projects that reduce greenhouse gases, irrigation, maintenance and other costs, and look great doing it.  We can educate and involve your employees to multiply the benefits.  We also conduct the monitoring and documentation of results, and we can write annual economic and environmental impact reports for our projects.  Below are some ideas at a glance.

Project Examples

Carbon Sequestration Plantings
Demonstration Entry Gardens
Green Roofs
Native Pollinator (Bee and Butterfly) Meadows
No-Mow Lawns
Rain Gardens / Living Detention Basins
Riparian Buffers
Storm Water Management Features

The benefits from these projects go beyond their reporting value; they actually work and serve many functions that employees, boards, municipalities and the public care about – from cutting lawn maintenance expenses to reducing chemical runoff and the pressure on stormwater systems, to improving the general wellbeing of the environment and the individuals who inhabit it.