Economic Impact Research

The Economics of Ecological Sustainability

Much research has been conducted on the macro-level benefits of ecological sustainability on national and continental economies and human well-being.  The United Nations Environment Programme recognizes the importance of the Green Economy.

The benefits to a corporation, a major land user, or a homeowner are somewhat less well-researched.  Although it is easy to understand the theoretical benefits of a reduced carbon footprint, lower operating expenses, greater environmental diversity and durability, and enhanced beauty, the cost-to-implement vs. the actual realized benefits remains ambiguous.

We are developing partnerships with corporate entities and private land owners to conduct longitudinal research on the actual economic benefits and effects of ecological sustainability improvements.  We aim to collaborate on the implementation of pilot projects to measure and report on actual economic and other benefits over a three to five year period.  Get in touch with us to find out more about our pilot projects or to discuss your own project idea.