Estates & Large Properties

Families, clubs, non-profits, and commercial entities own or control large tracts of land that may be simply a real estate asset or may be used for farming, hunting, recreation, or preservation.  There is a growing awareness that to protect the value of that asset, they need viable plans for both managing the natural resources on it and for financing its maintenance.  The term ‘stewardship’ embodies both of these goals, in planning and in action.  We are uniquely equipped to assist with both.

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Estate Stewardship Services

Beautification and Weed Control
Contract Land Management
Grant Writing Assistance and Business Planning
Land Use Planning
Plant and Animal Conservation
Revenue and Expense Planning
Timber, Seed, and Fruit Crop Evaluation

We seek to help owners find optimal uses for their properties by carefully considering the needs of many stakeholders.  We act as an intermediary between private and public groups to craft a lasting stewardship plan that preserves the owners’ enjoyment while meeting ecological and conservation goals.