Installation and Maintenance

Native Landscape Installations

Our landscape designs deliver plantings with maximum vitality and survivability.  Installations can include site preparation, maintenance instructions, video walk through, and picture documentation of all phases.


Native landscape designs often require some permanent structural elements.  They can range from gravel pathways, patios, irrigation and lighting to small structures such as sheds or platforms.  Some designs may call for vernal pool excavation or land clearing.  We can design and install the structural elements in your landscape.  We employ a naturalistic approach, using locally available and appropriate materials, so that plants and hardscape features work in perfect harmony.

Weeding Services

We offer our Certified Weeding program to help rid your property of unsightly, invasive, nuisance weeds.  This is a monthly service designed to eliminate annual weeds by manually interrupting their life cycle.  Perennial weeds are treated with repeated hand cultivation.  All weeds are removed and composted.  Monthly reports can provide documentation of weeding objectives and progress.


Our staff works with native plants in their natural environment.  We use our field experience and observations of the ecological dynamics of a project site through all of its stages.  We also use our experience to monitor a project post-implementation, as it matures over time.  Through periodic maintenance, we guide nature as it changes to evolve toward the vision of a desired aesthetic.