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PL200 Starter Plugs: Versatile, Durable, Affordable

If you’re a nursery purchaser, landscaper, restoration project manager, or even a gardener, you know how challenging it can be to find certain native plant species. And let’s say you finally find a vendor for those Scrophularia marilandica (Late figwort) starter plugs, but it’s going to cost you your entire budget, and you still need twelve other species that all come from yet more vendors.

This is exactly why we launched our 200s program in 2020. PL200s give you–you guessed it–200 plug-sized plants per tray. Each cell has a .88″ diameter and is 1.75″ deep with a total volume of 1.29 cubic inches. Purchasing plugs at this size allows customers to achieve quantity at an affordable price, and purchasing all of your species from one vendor means more savings. Our nursery provides over 30 different species in PL200 size, and offers even more species in sizes like 72s, 50s, and 32s.

ArcheWild 200 starter plugs provide restoration quality native plants at unbeatable prices. Spend less than $1 per plant for over 30 native species. ArcheWild 200s are fully accessioned and ecoregion specific, and are all grown from collected seed.

Pot Up: ArcheWild 200s are available to other nurseries and retail sellers at wholesale prices. Nurseries can pot up 200s to 50s, 32s, and eventually even gallons. Many straight native species can be challenging to grow. Let ArcheWild take the risk so you can get straight to selling high quality product. Potting up from a starter plug is faster and more reliable than growing from seed or cutting.


Direct Plant: Restoration firms and landscapers needing to cover large areas with specific genetics can rely on 200s for direct planting. Their high root-to-foliage ratio makes them drought resistant (not drought proof) and are best planted between late April and early June. For less than the cost of 2 trays of DP50s, you can cover more surface area with a single tray of 200s.


Experiment: Want to “test run” a species? 200s offer the perfect combination of quantity and affordability to allow for effective experimentation. Pot up to larger sizes and see how customers respond to the new offering, or direct plant a test patch to understand how certain species perform under specific conditions before making a larger investment.

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Get traceable native genetics, hard to find and hard to grow species, all from collected seed in a versatile size. And spend less than half of what you normally would to get it! Our nursery staff is always available to answer questions and make recommendations. Check our current availability and place an order, or check out our extensive list of species we grow to reserve your order for the next growing season. Call or email us today to learn more.

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