Why Natives

Why Choose Native Plants for Your Landscape?

The reasons are many, and since you are reading this, you must have thought of a few already.  Here are some of the main arguments.

Beneficial to the Environment

Natives are environmentally healthier choices as they require little irrigation and no fertilization. They are biologically suited to your climate and soil conditions and to the seasonal cycle of your area. It is also well documented how they support biodiversity through a number of natural mechanisms, such as providing food and shelter to wildlife.  Unlike non-natives, which do not perform these functions and may facilitate imbalance and ecosystem destruction over time, natives support ecological balance and health. Designing landscapes with native plant life sustains communities of native animals and insects, creating a natural, self-sustaining cycle and a landscape for generations to enjoy.


The lower cost of growing and maintaining native plantings is the most desirable benefit to many. It is closely related to all the other reasons we’ve listed: no need for expensive fertilizers and other chemicals used in traditional gardening and lawn maintenance, no irrigation – no racking up your water bill in the summer, no costly replacement of exotic plants that didn’t make it through a harsh winter or a dry summer. Since most landscape-suitable natives are perennials, they save you time and money in yet another way.

Naturally Beautiful

The aesthetic of natural beauty – subtler color palettes, delicate shapes, exhilarating diversity – provides a welcome respite from the “off-the-shelf” look of monotony and uniformity spreading through our neighborhoods. Natural beauty inspires and educates.  It resonates with the values of our time.