ArcheWild – Springfield Township meadow restoration

ArcheWild leads Springfield Township EAC meadow restoration

ArcheWild has teamed with the Springfield Township PA Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) to mount a long-term restoration of an original meadow fragment at Peppermint Park.  This 3-acre site is part of a larger 80-acre tract recently acquired from a local family that had only used the field for hay.

2016 ArcheWild - 20160704_104446
2016 ArcheWild – EAC volunteers planting

Having never been cultivated, the meadow retains much of its original character and is filled with species representative of the Reading Prong of the Northeastern Highlands (EcoRegion 058h), including:

Asclepias syriaca
Asclepias tuberosa
Euthamia graminifolia
Monarda fistulosa
Rubus flagellaris
Schizacyrium scoparium
Solidago rugosa
Solidago speciosa
Sorghatrum nutans
Tridens flavus

2016 ArcheWild - 20160704_104439
2016 ArcheWild – Kim Kruchinski, Hans Reimann, Lorna Migdelow-Yearwood, and Doug Litzenberger

However, due to a long regimen of mowing, species richness is lower than what can be found in meadow fragments in other parts of the Reading Prong.  Notable omissions include: Liatris spicata, Andropogon gerardii, Asclepias viridiflora, Danthonia spicata, Antennaria spp., and several others.

2016 ArcheWild - 20160704_101722
2016 ArcheWild – Meadow Restoration site

The Springfield Township manager and Parks & Recreation Department are supporting a joint effort between ArcheWild and the township EAC to improve the richness of the meadow.  ArcheWild is collecting, accessioning, and growing seed from suitable locations within EcoRegion 058h and the EAC is organizing the labor to plant the meadow as well as coordinating annual maintenance activities.

2016 ArcheWild - 20160704_101715
2016 ArcheWild – Expansive fields at Peppermint Park

Peppermint Park, located on Peppermint Road in Springfield Township, is a must-see park with ample trails and wildlife viewing opportunities. The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular.