ArcheWild Native Plant Plug Availability 2016

ArcheWild Native Plant Plug Availability 2016


Ok, as of December 15, we are essentially finished with seed collection for the year.  Click below for our 2016 Seed list and special pricing if you order before January 15, 2016.  We are adding an exciting new container size, the DP98, which is an excellent low-cost form for direct planting or potting up into quarts or even gallons.  Our DP50 is the best plug in the industry and can fill out a gallon in 4-6 weeks or a two gallon in 8 weeks.

OPLE® Propagation

ArcheWild reaffirms our complete commitment to providing fully documented and accessioned Open-Pollinated, Local-Ecotype (OPLE®) native species.  No cultivars, no asexual propagation, no bottlenecked genes.

ArcheWild Native Plant Seed Availability 2016:  PDF

ArcheWild 2016 Seed List - HEADER December 16 2015

We will finish our seeding by February 1, 2016 so if there is a species or specific genotype that you need for your projects, let us know soon, particularly if you need volume.

Please write our propagator to request a species/genotype.

We strongly recommend that you subscribe to our website for the latest in species availability, new species introductions, and reliable information about plants and their habitats.


The following lists represent our seed collection efforts from 2012-2015.  The EcoRegions are noted for each entry, except where the seed wasn’t documented completely or if there is some reason to believe it might have been planted as part of a non-genotyped seed mix or planting.  The name of the EcoRegion is also noted for easy cross-reference to your area. (files removed to prevent confusion.  If you would like a copy of our older accession lists, please e-mail us).

ArcheWild Native Plant Accession Availability 2015:  PDF
ArcheWild Native Plant Accession Availability 2015:  XLS

Native Plant Plug Availability 2014:  PDF
Native Plant Plug Availability 2014:  XLS

Click here to see a copy of a level III EcoRegion map.