The Great American Landscape

The two pictures below are just one step away from winning the 2015 Perfect American Landscape award. No weeds, nothing to mow, green all year, no bugs, no leaves to rake, nothing to trim, and lasts many years.  The first is a new landscape at a bank and the second is a new garden at the Allentown Zoo.


Using plastic plants would eliminate the  pesky problem that real plants actually live, require water, and have leaves and branches that break or die.


I believe that in the next twenty years we might see the equivalent of Samsung or LG Landscapes offer a whole range of plastic, UV-resistant plants that solves the problems of using live plants. Landscape designers could design their own custom plants and landscapers could install any time of the year. Imagine no customer complaints about crooked stems, leaf spots, weeds, or dead plants. Buy an entire container from Korea and use the plants over ten years or more. Drought? No problem!  Voles? No problem! DEER? NO PROBLEM! Leaves? All things of the past.

Plantique Landscape at the Zoo II

A business idea for some young entrepreneur to consider. We don’t have time to do this because we’re too busy irrigating our plants..